Assessment of the meeting: “It has been a great game of dedication and commitment of the players towards the institution. We had a great first half, minimizing a very good team, and in the second it cost us, especially from minute 60-70, but the communion with the team has been spectacular. The fans have made us know how to suffer and get a very important victory ”.

Very important triumph: “It was the second best away team, Tenerife is a great team, you have already seen it. I value the game we have played. In the first 60-70 minutes we have minimized them. We had possession, football, arrivals … We had to leave with a greater advantage in the first half, we were worthy of dominance, but here merits are of little use. Here what works is the success, especially in both areas. We have been very good in our own area, defending the lateral centers, and I want to highlight the game that Iván Calero has made. He has known how to wait his moment, to work. I am very happy for him, he is a great professional ”.

Coat of Arms / Flag Málaga

Genaro drop by cards: “I hadn’t noticed Genaro’s fifth yellow card. Nothing happens, to find a solution to continue competing and growing as a team ”.

Brandon’s Party: “He played a very good game, like the whole team. We have shown an impressive dedication, commitment and solidarity in every way. Brandon has been the standard bearer of all these values ​​”.

Controversial penalty: “I have not seen the penalty on video yet, but from the technical area it seemed very clear to me. Then there is another action in which Juan Soriano fists out and hits Roberto in the head. They gave me a very similar penalty last season. I leave with the feeling that it is fair, but I have not seen it on television. As for my card, it was because I was a little out of the technical area. The truth is that I live the matches with passion, but I respect the refereeing work a lot. I do not know if I have gone half a meter or a meter, the card was for that reason ”.

Three points from the playoff despite the crisis away from home: “We are always highlighting negative things and I prefer to look at the positive things, because at home we are the best team or one of the best. In the end it does not matter where we get the points, at home or away. The important thing is that the team has 23 points, there are four or five rounds left in the first round and we continue to grow, progress, we are a very young team and we have a lot of room for improvement. We lack that pause, the understanding in some situations because of that youth, because of that desire to recover and prevent the rival from progressing. I think we are on a good path ”.

Physical state of Peybernes: “It was an overload at the end typical of the intensity of the game. A twin has come up, but I think it will not be anything important. “

Message to the fans: “I never ask the fans for anything, it’s amazing to play here at home. But I do tell him for Saturday that we need everyone, the team is deserving it. We are going to squeeze to see if we get those two consecutive victories for the first time this season. We cannot ask for anything because those who come are the host, but let’s see if we can make this a much bigger boiler. Let’s see if they help us to get those two victories ”.