Atlético had to play from minute 77 with one less due to the expulsion of João Félix. The Portuguese saw the red for the first time in his career, just 18 minutes after taking the field for Griezmann. Joao Félix saw the double yellow in that minute 77. First, for slapping Vencedor, who had previously caught him with the ball in play. Gil Manzano, who had pointed out the lack of Athletic, admonished the Portuguese for that slap, but João protested Gil Manzano. It was possible to read on his lips “you are crazy” and the referee, immediately, took the second yellow.

Iturralde González believes that Gil Manzano should have cautioned the Athletic player, but Joao Félix's is out of place and he was sent off correctly, although it should have been a direct red and not a double yellow. “I should have seen the direct red and not the second yellow. You cannot be considered number one in any country or go to a World Cup if a player says to your face 'you are crazy' and you do not send him off directly. That makes you small. with many children watching. Joao Félix is ​​wrong, you can never be expelled for a foul that they whistle in your favor “, states Iturralde, arbitrator for SER and AS.

The sanction will also be marked because the expulsion is as a consequence of a second yellow and not a direct red. As Gil Manzano considered it as a second yellow, it would be categorized as mild with the possibility of up to three suspension games; If it had been a direct red, it could be proposed as a serious foul, from four to twelve games.

The minutes

Gil Manzano, in the minutes of the meeting, reflected the following in the warning section:

“In minute 78, João Félix was cautioned for the following reason: addressing me with his index finger on his temple as a sign of disagreement after having been cautioned.”

And in the chapter on expulsions:

“In the 78th minute, João Félix was sent off for the following reason: double warning.”

In addition, in the incidents section he noted:

“Once he was expelled and when he was heading to the changing room tunnel, he hit a ball with his foot, throwing it into the stands as a sign of disagreement.”