José Miguel González “Míchel”, Getafe coach, assured this Saturday, after losing 3-0 to Rayo Vallecano and not scoring any points in the first days of LaLiga Santander, that your future “does not depend” on him.

The coach of the azulón team declared that he had the strength to get Getafe out of the pothole And, questioned at a press conference about his position in the club chaired by Ángel Torres, he made it clear that decisions in this regard have to be made by others. “That does not depend on me, just as it does not depend on the directive that the team wins or loses games. Together we make the squad and try to make things go well. Beyond what we have seen in these five games, it is for everyone a surprise. Many things happen and all against it. The rest is not up to me, “he said.

Míchel pointed out that the championship “is being very cruel” with Getafe and affirmed that everything that happens to his team is “against him”. Against Rayo Vallecano, he indicated that his players entered the game “well” with a shot at the post by Enes Ünal, although afterwards everything went wrong with the penalty from Óscar Trejo.

“From our position, I have not seen it. With 1-0 against, it affects. Then we played in a hurry. Normal in this situation because there is anxiety. At halftime we have organized and we have suffered too much haste. An interesting second half, but We have not taken advantage of the opportunities. Not even the penalty, which was an anecdote, “he said.

“The championship is being very cruel to us. Many things happen. It also has to do with us surely. In the second half we had chances that did not materialize and that situation put us 2-0. I do not think we are so bad.”he added.

What's more, He assured that anything he says with zero points out of fifteen possible will sound like an “excuse and alibi” and explained that he believes it is “surprising” that Getafe accumulates zero points.

“You play a lot of keys, a lot of variations, but none of you get it right because it's clear why things don't work out. The coach is the first to … I am more veteran and I understand this and I am not going to lower my arms. But it's not easy for young people to accept. “

“I learned the day I became a coach that beyond the results, I am neither euphoric when I win nor do I have a sinking feeling when things go wrong. They are adverse circumstances, I would like things to be better, but I have no choice but to accept them. . From there, press “, he concluded.