the woman of Dani Alvesthe model from Tenerife Joana Sanz, has clarified what was the meaning of the words he wrote this Monday (“Heart, endure so much pain”) and that caused a stir on social networks. The former Barça player, since last Friday, remains in prison, accused of an alleged crime of rape in a Barcelona nightclub.

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“Lie. Do not misrepresent or misinterpret what I say. ‘My heart, endure so much pain’ it is from me to me'”, Sanz wrote in stories, sharing a piece of news in which they explained that with his words he was “reiterating the confidence in his husband”.

This Monday, Joana also spoke of the delicate moment she is going through as a result of the arrest and imprisonment of her husband, who was admitted provisionally and without bail last Friday after giving a statement in Barcelona. “Now I have a moment of calm within all the storm that I have upon me and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank so many people who are supporting me,” she said.

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The player returned from Mexico, where he played with the Pumas, to accompany his wife in one of the most difficult moments of her life, the death of her mother. He then gave a statement and was immediately arrested. Days later, he has obtained the services of a renowned Catalan lawyer who has worked for Leo Messi to the family hill, among others. The coincident versions of the alleged victim, that of the witnesses and other evidence work against him.