The Spanish handball coach, Jordi Ribera, has assured that Norway, which they will face this Wednesday in the quarterfinals of the World Cup, is a team whose mix of “youth and experience” allows it to “reach the end of games”, for which reason he has warned his players that they must be vigilant.

“It is a team that, just as in other competitions had players who reached the end of the competition with a very high load, now they are rotating more. That point of youth and experience that they have allows them to be able to reach the end of games very well “He declared before the game.

In addition, he pointed out that the Scandinavian team “is playing well” in this World Cup event. “Curiously, they have had games with a not very good start, such as the one against the Netherlands, with a fairly wide difference in the first half, and yet, in the second half they were able to come back from the game and end up winning. With Serbia they were also behind for a while on the scoreboard and, however, at the end of the game they were very good”, stated the Catalan coach.

In another order of things, Ribera analyzed the duel of the Norwegians against Germany (26-28). “The goal was phenomenal, especially in the final part, where it was decisive. Their game pace is super high, in defense they are a tough team and in attack they are players who open up your defense very well,” he said.

“They have a good one-on-one capacity and they are a complete team. We are in the quarterfinals and the competition has been tough for everyone and the teams that have had better arguments or better performance are arriving,” he concluded.