Sensation, sparkles and glamor in the duel of style between Jill Biden y Brigitte Macron. It was at the state dinner that the president of the United States and his wife offered Emmanuel Macron and his wife, on the occasion of the visit of the French presidential couple to Washington.

Landing in Maryland on Wednesday, November 30, the Macrons face a four-day state visit, together with their hosts, the Bidens. A tour with a very tight work schedule for the two heads of state and also for the first ladies. The most anticipated photo has taken place at the official State dinner. The scenario placed the appointment at the highest level.

The event, on Thursday, December 1, began at 9:00 p.m. (3:00 a.m. French time). A huge tent, installed in the gardens of the White House, in the presidential residence in Washington, has welcomed the more than 300 guests, according to reports Gala.

Brigitte Macron has remained true to white. It’s her color. The French first lady knows that white has that subtle illuminating effect on her face and she uses it as a highlighter plus. It is when the color of the dress is also part of the makeup. Macron is the first lady who best handles this technique. She has worn a straight-cut dress, very sober, with the only detail of sparkles on the neck and on the waist (with a high waist). In the antipodes in terms of her choice, Jill Biden. The North American has opted for a romantic and shiny black dress with large embroideries and a neckline off-the-shoulder.

American cheese board

A menu has also been served at the highest level: lobster, American ossetra caviar, ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and the main course, veal, details the French medium. On the menu there was a nod to cheeses, with a varied table, although all references were of American origin. For dessert, an orange cake and roasted pears with ice cream.

Politicians, celebrities, such as actress Jennifer Garner and actor and musician John Legend have attended; and businessmen, such as Apple CEO Tim Cook. An event in which Macron and Biden have extolled the role of NATO in the face of challenges from Russia and China and have tried to bring positions closer in some of their disagreements. “Long live France and God bless the United States,” he said. Joe Biden in his toast, while the almost 300 guests raised their glasses, according to The Washington Post. Macron responded to the toast: “Long live the United States, long live France and long live the friendship between two countries.”