The photos of the dinner they shared in Madrid, Jose Ortega Canohis sister Big Carmen y Aniceto, her husband, along with a friend with gray hair, have given rise to many comments. One night in which the bullfighter seemed to be happy, after all the upsets and pressures produced by the separation of her from Ana Maria Aldon.

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This relaxed and family outing has been interpreted as a new stage in the complicated situation of the bullfighter, who “he would be rebuilding his life”.

Contacted with the Ortega Cano family, they point out to Informaliawhich was an evening at the flamenco restaurant La Giralda, invited by the singer isabella moon, close to the family for many years, and that Karen joined the family group, (the lady with gray hair that appears in the photos), a Colombian friend who already treated all of them when Rocío Jurado lived. Karen is married to a Spaniard, the couple lives a normal family life in Madrid.

It is evident that the widower of Rocio Jurado He spent a relaxed and happy night, he even got on stage to give a few passes with Isabel Luna, as he progresses Week. But they also assure us that José Ortega’s state of mind is not at this moment to start a romance or a sentimental relationship with anyone, just when he is about to sign the divorce with Ana María Aldón and who has been his wife in recent years , prepares to leave the marital home, to settle in a town far from Madrid, together with the small Jose Mariaborn of her marriage to the bullfighter.