Jenni Hermoso, about the controversial kiss that Luis Rubiales gave her during the World Cup celebration: “I didn’t like it”

The euphoria over the triumph of the Spanish women’s soccer team in the World Cup has been clouded by controversy. The protagonist is Luis Rubialespresident of the Spanish Football Federation, who gave a kiss to Jenni Beautiful while the players went to collect their champions medal.

Hours later, during a live show on her Instagram, the Madrid soccer player commented on this gesture while they were celebrating in the locker room: “But what do I do? Hey, I didn’t like it. Look at me, look at me.”

The moment, already viral on social networks, has received all kinds of reactions. In fact, the lawyer Paula Fraga comments that this situation could be a type of “sexual assault”. “The criminal type would be sexual assault. Harassment or a modality of sexual harassment is how I would define it. The terminology they have made under the type of sexual assault does not seem correct to me. Grabbing and immobilizing the face to kiss it is called sexual harassment This is what Jennifer Hermoso has suffered and that is why she shows her disagreement. There are plenty of reasons to fire Rubiales,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Rubiales, where are you going? You didn’t give Jordi Alba a kiss on the mouth”; “The thing about the president of the Spanish Federation Luis Rubiales in the World Cup final is unpresentable”, are other of the dozens of messages that are repeated on Elon Musk’s platform about this fact.

In an Instagram direct from another player, Salma Paralluelo, Rubiales joked with this moment and invited the soccer players to a trip to Ibiza “to the wedding of Jenni and Luis”. “The kiss with Jenni? There are idiots everywhere. When two people have an insignificant show of affection, we cannot pay attention to idiocy,” he declared on Radio Marca.