Isabel Pantoja’s brother wins Mediaset in court: 50,000 euros for “illegitimate interference with honor”

The program Socialite has been forced by the judge to read a sentence against Mediaset, which has been sentenced to pay Agustín Pantoja 50,000 euros for “illegitimate interference with honor.” This Saturday, Nuria Marín stopped the space to spread the ruling.

María Patiño’s replacement read the sentence live, in the first minutes of broadcast and after a video about Mercedes Fashion Week. “In compliance with what was established by the Court of First Instance No. 5 of Chiclana de la Frontera, I read the ruling of the sentence handed down in procedure 3/19 of 2018” of the defense of Isabel Pantoja’s brother.

“I must uphold and partially uphold the claim formulated by the representation of Agustín Pantoja Martín and I order Mediaset España Comunicación SA to pay the actor the amount of 50,000 euros for illegitimate interference in the honor and privacy of the actor. Likewise, Mediaset España Comunicación SA must immediately cease carrying out such conduct and refrain from causing new illegitimate interference in the honor and privacy of the actor,” said the presenter.

“The defendant entity must publish the ruling of this ruling at its own expense and in the public media in which the illegitimate interference took place, in the same time slot in which the television program was broadcast, on the Telecinco channel.” .

After serving the sentence, Nuria continued with her program but minutes later, the team warned Nuria that she had left “a small piece of the sentence” to read and Marín, cell phone in hand, finished transmitting the complete information: “The costs incurred In the present procedure, each party must pay the costs caused at its instance and the common costs in half, as there is no merit to impose them on one for having litigated recklessly.”