This Monday, September 26, marks the 38th anniversary of the death of Francisco Rivera “Paquirri” in Pozoblanco. A date marked in red both for his widow, Isabel Pantojaas for his three children, Francis, Cajetan y Kiko Rivera. The first, she has sent a bouquet of flowers to the mausoleum of the mythical bullfighter in Seville and, despite the fact that her relationship with Kiko continues to be non-existent, she has included her son in the dedication of the flower arrangement: “Your wife and child.”

It is a sign of ‘goodwill’ on the part of Isabel Pantoja, who, unlike other dates in which she excluded the DJ from sending her bouquet, has taken it into account on this occasion. It seems that the artist is willing to build bridges with Kiko and so she has let him know on the anniversary of Paquirri’s death.

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He, for his part, has sent a cross of white flowers to the cemetery with a message in which he has forgotten his mother: “From your son and your grandchildren.” In addition, Kiko wanted to remember his father by posting on social networks one of the few photographs he has with the bullfighter and some emotional words: “So that’s how you left me 38 years ago today and I never felt your hugs or your kisses again. To this day and being a father of three children, my eyes fill with tears again just thinking about how you must have felt knowing that you would not see your children anymore. Dad, wherever you are, I love you with all my heart And I miss you so much,” he posted.