While Pablo Motos rubs his hands hoping that Tamara Falco do not cancel your participation in the anthill to break their audience record, the magazines raffle off an interview with Posado de la Marquise de Griñón recounting her drama with Inigo Onieva. Sources in the sector put the price of the exclusive at 60,000 euros, which, for the moment, has not been granted to any media, according to the surroundings of Isabel Preysler’s daughter.

The other objective of the specialized publications is, logically, Íñigo Onieva, who would be paid a lower but not insignificant amount: around 40,000 euros, according to the experts consulted.

For the moment, the two have closed ranks with the public. He has not given more statements after the statement in which he admitted infidelity and apologized to his girlfriend, while Tamara is confined in Villa Meona, sheltered by her mother, and does not want to leave home. In fact, He has canceled a work commitment that he had this coming Tuesday, the presentation of the real estate company that has built her house in the center of Madrid and of which she is now an ambassador. According to her surroundings, she doesn’t have the strength to smile at the moment nor to face the questions of the journalists.

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Tamara is devastated and needs time to collect herself. Forgiving an infidelity was not in her plans, but her close circle affirms that she is so in love that they do not rule it out. Perhaps that is why the people who love her the most have closed ranks and distanced themselves from Onieva, who tries to communicate with her without success. Isabel Preysler herself has asked the businessman to stop calling Tamara and to stay away from her.