Jorge Javier reacts: “Just as ‘Aqui hay toma’ would not have survived without Isabel Pantoja, the fachosphere needs Sánchez”

After the decision he made Pedro Sanchez this Wednesday, April 24, to stop his agenda for five days to make the decision to resign or not to resign, Jorge Javier Vazquez has spoken about it. The Telecinco presenter, who in December hosted the event in which the President of the Government presented his memoirs, has written a curious message on X, the old Twitter.

“As well as Here is tomato It would not have survived without Isabel Pantoja, the fachosphere needs Pedro Sánchez to continue securing subsidies. The importance of nemesis”, he published this Friday, drawing on irony. The presenter’s reaction Survivorsone of the PSOE’s greatest public supports, was highly anticipated, taking into account that Jorge Javier finds it difficult to bite his tongue on political issues.

We must remember that after Rocío Carrasco’s docuseries, her famous “this program is for reds and faggots” in the extinct Save me, his numerous live political demands and the departure of Paolo Vasile as CEO of Mediaset – his situation at Telecinco and that of his colleagues became complicated, to the point that at the beginning of last year the group prohibited talking about politics in its entertainment programs. After confirmation that Save me was canceled in June, Jorge fell on medical leave, so he could not be in charge of the final stretch of the program, which he presented for 14 glorious years.

After the cancellation of Save me and of Chinese stories In the fall (just three weeks after its premiere), the presenter returned to the Telecinco screens with great audience data and putting himself in charge of his reality star, Survivors. Since its premiere on March 7, the communicator has left several taunts on his social networks, calling himself “the king of audiences” and making clear references to his particular situation with Mediaset, which has cooled down as we said since the docuseries of La más’s daughter. great and the departure of Vasile, his squire, from Mediaset.