Irene is about to turn 18 years old. She faces her university stage, which starts in September. His plans point to Switzerland, to the EHL Hospitality Business School, an exclusive university acclaimed for its studies in Business Administration and Hospitality Management.

This four-year degree will cost 140,000 euros. Tuition at the accredited center in Lausanne amounts to around 35,000 euros a year, a higher price than ESADE where Froilán and Victoria Federica studied. It will be the Infanta Cristina who assumes the expenses derived from her daughter’s higher education and will do it alone, since Iñaki Urdangarin does not have the financial resources to meet these expenses. She so she publishes it The digital confidential. The portal adds that “Iñaki is not professionally solvent”, citing sources close to the family.

Founded in 1983, the EHL is home to the prestigious École Hôtelière de Lausanne hotel school, one of the best in the world in the sector. The school offers various training programs and additional studies. Most likely, Irene will remain living with her mother in Switzerland while she completes her undergraduate studies.