Andoni Iraola has had two more troops this week, after the incorporation of goalkeeper Arboleda and forward Falcao to training. The Colombian will be in the call and everything indicates that he will have his first minutes with the Strip against Getafe. The Rayista coach does not trust his rival or his position in the classification, hence he asks to maintain the essence of what he has shown in the last days. He also expressed his wish that the franjirroja season ticket campaign could be a reality next week.

Lightning Shield / Flag

Different scenarios for training: “It affects the extent to which we want to train on a pitch in perfect condition. We have to move day by day because the Ciudad Deportiva pitch is not in good condition and we look for alternatives. Until it is not well, we will continue like this.”

The adaptation of Falcao with the group: “He arrived in perfect condition. He had just started the competition with Galatasaray and the adaptation has been good. We have been able to put together several good training sessions this first week. We are all here. Arboleda has also joined. We no longer have that uncertainty in the market” .

Will Falcao make his debut ?: “We are going to put him in the call. What can he contribute? We all know Falcao and his relationship with the goal makes him special. At the level of head and attitude he has come wanting to help us and it will be a success.”

How can the commotion over the arrival of Falcao and the situation of the fans in terms of access to the stadium affect the team ?: “They are different questions. The arrival of Radamel is positive, everything that is to excite people, that's what we are for. We have to transmit within the field that something worth getting excited about. Regarding the issue of tickets and the mess we have had, I trust that it will be the last week and that for Cádiz we will have season tickets and a certain normality. The more facilities we give the fans to see us, the better for everyone. Let's see if we can offer a good game to those who have been so long Time in the queue and it's worth it. “

Getafe's position in the table: “It seems misleading to me. It is a team that has reached the opposite field and opposite goal a lot, but it has not been effective and has not been able to add. It has lost all the games by the minimum. Its situation is circumstantial and I do not think it is a reflection of what he has shown in the field. “

What rival do you expect ?: “The fact of not having won makes him more dangerous because he is doing things well. They are uncomfortable and aggressive under pressure, they have players who focus a lot, second-line arrivals with quality players … We will have to try to counter it to have options “.

Míchel's Getafe: “He has maintained many things that he had been doing well. He is alternating the system a little. I hope a team with which winning duels is expensive and makes us uncomfortable in the pressure. I have not perceived anxiety in their ranks. It is circumstantial that they have not won. The Differences between teams are small. We too could have scored more points and we have four games and four points. We have nothing to spare. We have to compete one hundred percent. Everything that is not that does not come. “

Keys to the match: “We look like the team of the last days. Intense and winner of duels. We must correct the issue of penalties and expulsions, which is taking away many points and limits us, and success in the areas, which is what makes the differences “.