Íñigo Onieva and Tamara Falcó: from the groom’s bachelor party in Argentina to the “six zeros” of the exclusive

There are less than four months left for the wedding of Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva, which promises to become the social event of the year. The preparations are underway, the bride’s dress, which she has ordered from Sophie et Voilà, as well… But before the big day comes other celebrations: bachelor parties.

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The businessman has already chosen the destination. “Íñigo Onieva’s farewell is going to be nothing more and nothing less in Argentina. There will be between 10 and 12 friends and it will be in a few weeks,” Leticia Requejo revealed this Friday in Ana Rosa’s program. And she added: “Obviously only men can go. Tamara has to stay here, of course.”

At the same time, the journalist has given details of the great exclusive that the couple have in hand: “For the wedding they have told the guests that they do not want mobile phones. It will be one of the highest paid exclusives in recent years: six Zeros. It’s what’s talked about between the couple’s friends.”

No details have yet come out of the bachelorette party of the Marquise de Griñón, who was at her brother Julio’s birthday party this Thursday, although she has surely also thought something big. As for Íñigo’s, Tamara is sure that her fiancée will not make any slips on the other side of the pond, as happened when she kissed another woman at that festival in Nevada, jeopardizing her commitment. faithful devotee, the daughter of Isabella Preysler y Carlos Falco have full confidence in him. Let’s hope the prince doesn’t get a frog again. Four months remain for the wedding… It seems like a lot… and more in the Preysler clan, where one drama after another appears.