Ángel Cristo, from his sister Sofía: “He has not taken advantage of the schools paid for with the money of the Emeritus”

It has been more than six months since Angel Christ Jr broke his silence Friday! with several installments where he talked about the hard episodes of his childhood. This Friday, several days after his disciplinary expulsion in Survivors 2024Bárbara Rey’s son has taken money from Telecinco with harsh accusations towards his family.

Ana Herminia’s boyfriend, who has not left aside the cocky attitude with which he landed in Spain after passing through Honduras, declared on Friday night that his relationship with his sister Sofía “is totally dead.” Likewise, the former contestant of Survivors He made it clear that, for him, his sister is another victim of his mother. “What nonsense he says, he crosses the limits of absurdity and doesn’t know how to defend himself. She is a victim of my mother. She talks about things she hasn’t experienced“said Ángel Cristo when he saw what the DJ had said during her time in the survival contest.

Ángel Cristo Jr’s harsh attacks towards his family did not end here. The first-born son of the former star from Totana assured that they kicked his sister out of Secret Story (contest in which Nagore Robles’ ex participated in 2021) for her violent attitude. Ángel Cristo also stated that his sister had not taken advantage of the schools that her mother had paid for her, according to him, with money from the emeritus king. “They kicked her out of ‘Secret Story’ for being violent, it shows who is the aggressive one and who is the violent one. She has not taken advantage of the expensive schools that my mother has paid with the money of the emeritus king.“, revealed.

Sofía Cristo’s brother also had time to charge against her mother, Bárbara Rey. Without half measures, Ángel stressed that his mother had been an absent mother and revealed that Bárbara Rey stuffed herself with pills. “I acted as brother and father to my sister and that has brought me a lot of problems. My mother was an absent mother. She would lock herself in the room to stuff herself with pills.“he assured.