In-person compensation of season tickets is suspended

El Rayo issued a statement this Saturday announcing the suspension of the request for compensation of last season's season tickets. The franjirrojo club offered three alternatives – the refund of € 20 of the amount by bank transfer, 40% in a discount voucher for Kelme products in the official store or a shirt signed by the players – but all of them They required to fill out a form and deliver it in person at the club's ticket office. On request for an appointment on the web. However, the situation of the pandemic in Madrid and, more specifically, in Vallecas has made the rayista entity has to stop this process.

Lightning Shield / Flag

This is the full statement:

Rayo Vallecano wants to inform that due to the order of anti-COVID-19 measures announced yesterday by the Community of Madrid and that come into force next Monday, September 21, se suspends the request for compensation of the proportional part of the season ticket not used for the 2019-20 season, of which there were still two weeks to request said compensation.

This is because in This order restricts all non-essential trips and activities in the Puente de Vallecas district. As it cannot be otherwise, as this is not an essential activity, this measure is adopted.

This period of two weeks to request compensation for the proportional part of the subscription not enjoyed it will resume as soon as the health situation permits.

Second, we also want to clarify that The request for the compensation of this proportional part of the payment cannot be made in any other way than in person, since the subscription cards are not designed for compensation or refund of money. That is why in order to guarantee the security in the transactions and / or recoveries of each of the subscribers, we have adopted these measures.

We want to remember and remember that the maximum security measures have been and will be adopted for each and every one of our subscribers, consisting of: differentiated entry and exit circuits, security zones and maintenance of a security zone with markings on the ground, taking temperature before entering the venue, mandatory use of hydroalcoholic gel before entering the venue and mandatory use of a mask.

Finally, we take the opportunity to send a message of encouragement to all our fans, to all the Vallecanos in particular and to all the people of Madrid in general before the complicated situation that we are living. At the same time, from Rayo Vallecano, we ask everyone to set an example of responsibility towards the rest of our nation, taking all the necessary measures to contain the spread of this terrible disease.

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