The return of the competition is approaching, and with it the decisive phase in which the champions will be resolved. I mean, they come back the cabal, the debates and the forecasts. Atlético has its League battle pending to get into the top four and then the dream of the Champions League, already located in the quarter box. So Berbatov is one of those who values ​​the Rojiblancos' candidacy for the title.

The Bulgarian, in statements for Betfair, points out Bayern as a great favorite: “The way he dismantled Chelsea was amazing, so easily. I'm not sure how the hiatus will affect everyone, but Bayern may have a slight advantage because they are regaining sharpness.” But he has in his thoughts those of Simeone: “I also like the look of this Atlético. He makes high quality football”. And makes another wink to Atalanta: “It reminds me of my Leverkusen. That is why I am so eager to see if they continue to do the same as before the break. They can surprise. “

Athletic Shield / Flag

It is not the first time that he has positively valued Atlético's performance. After beating Liverpool, the Bulgarian replied to those who criticized the game of the rojiblancos, both in the first and in the return. “Cholo has made Atlético a real machine. No one should blame him for sticking to his methods, and he has to be criticized.” commented in March, after Anfield 2-3.


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