Atlético de Madrid
He has stood out in recent years for hitting a large number of signings. We bet on almost unknown names like Jan Oblak, Ángel Correa, José María Giménez, etc and they ended up becoming some of the best players in their positions.

The work in the world of ‘scouting’ Athletic It is well known by professionals in the sector. Beyond the fact that among the fans it is taken more frivolously or openly in a comical way, the work of some of those involved, the reality marks that Atlético has good aim.

The last to recognize him has been an agent for soccer players and an intermediary. The Italian Saturday
During spoke in the RMT recently on various issues and highlighted the work of the sports management of the Atlético de Madrid in the field of transfers.

Especially to underline two operations, those of I gave it and Philip, when other clubs spent a lot more money to reinforce those two positions. “Italians do not know the players, we often rely only on the name,” said the intermediary and agent.

“A case can be Philip of the Atlético de Madrid, who played better than De Ligt, but the Spanish club's spending was much lower, the same goes for Renan Lodi, who was bought at a negligible price and would have been suitable for several teams. It is no coincidence that it is the future of the Brazilian team where it is preferred to Alex SandroHe continued.

And he even remembered that the Athletic he almost signed Lautaro Martinez, now the signing of fashion in Europe. “In a few years he will become an absolute champion, but before certain figures one can yield (regarding the interest of the Barca). Lautaro Martinez was virtually a player of the Atlético de Madrid, then the Spanish club preferred to attack other matters, without considering the Argentine as a central point, in this situation of ‘impasse’Appeared the Inter, recovering the land that had been lost and closing the operation. “

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