Marc Degryse, Belgian striker of the 80s and 90s who played for several teams in his country and England, lashed out hard at Hazard in an interview with Het Laatste Nieuws in which he analyzed the news of his selection. “Incomprehensible. I still don’t understand it today. That he came to the first training with 7 kilos overweight. It doesn’t matter if they were 5. How do you do that? Gain 5 kilos in three weeks! It’s hard to understand that you start preparing like this “, Degryse said recalling Hazard’s early days in the white team, which he arrived for 100 million euros plus 40 in variables from Chelsea.

“Then he began to train at the same pace as the other players, but that is not possible. First you have to get rid of those extra kilos”, completed the former Belgian player. “As a result, he immediately suffered a muscle injury (August 2019). And then he came back without having laid the foundations for a good season. He seriously underestimated Real Madrid.”

Photo the Hazard

Hazard has seen how, in his third season at Real Madrid, Vinicius has removed his position. “The problem is that his coach today prefers another player,” Ancelotti expressed about Hazard a few dates ago. The coach gave the Belgian the opportunity at the start of the season, with three starts in a row, but Hazard did not take advantage of them.