Croatia will be in the World Cup. Deservedly, even if he needed help. He won by the minimum to Russia (1-0) in a game that they dominated from beginning to end and where their lack of aim almost played a trick on them until Kudryashov he scored an own goal that cost Karpin’s men to go to the repechage.

The game even had epic overtones. The deluge that fell on the Stadion Poljud made the party more attractive. Muddy areas, the ball did not run in midfield, kilometer-long mowing due to puddles … A scenario against which he had to work Croatia, which was the only team willing to look for a goal that would give them the ticket to Qatar.

It was a total harassment, although without demolition. The best of Russia it was clearly Safonov, which largely prevented those of Zlatko Dalic from taking advantage of their arrivals. He just couldn’t stop one, which was the one Kudryashov he scored an own goal.

Croatia lived installed in the field of Russia. The whole game. In fact, Karpin’s men almost refused to score. His first shot came in the 71st minute on a counterattack and he did not stretch until he was below the scoreboard. On the contrary, the Croats were brave and even chose to dominate when the field was impassable. And only Safonov could stop them, who repelled Pasalic’s shots, with a save, Petkovic and Kramaric.

In the end, the goal came in a cross at the far post in which Kudryashov he wanted to regain his position without noticing that in that anticipation he was touching the ball towards his goal. I touch it Safonov, but was unable to stop the ball (81 ‘), so Russia will have to continue fighting to be in Qatar in the play-off.