The will is opened and the battle ensues. Italian movie star Gina Lollobrigida, who passed away at the age of 95 on January 16, has left a large heritage in inheritance. There are two parts and the two are at odds. On the one hand, Andrea Milko Skofic, his only son; and on the other, Andrew Piazzolla, his assistant. Among them is the one who was the second husband of the actress, the Catalan businessman javier rigau. “His widower”, as he told us. Rigau clarifies that he married the interpreter “by the Church and under a separate property regime.” A circumstance that leaves him out of the will: “It does not affect me”, he has sentenced in The reason. It also slips that Piazzola, who is denounced by the family, would have approached Gina to achieve “mental abuse” of an “incapable person” and that this will be demonstrated in court.

The Appian Way mansion in which Gina spent her last days is a run-down, smelly house, missing many of the artworks and antiques the owner owned. There she lived almost locked up and kidnapped by her assistant Piazzola, the man who separated her from her son and her grandson, garden neighbors of the actress.

Andrea Milko Skofic sued the assistant and his girlfriend, upon learning that they had sold the jewelry, furniture and many of the assets of the great fortune of the star, deceiving her and separating her from everyone.

In an interview with Rigau to the aforementioned newspaper, he assures: “Gina was taken from her son and me ten years ago, and we have not stopped suing for the relationship to normalize.” She adds: “Gina was a fragile, elderly woman”, whose head was eaten by her assistant “, she isolated her from her environment with lies, and when she was already very weak, the predation”.