The one from Jaca was one of the presenters of the event and the Catalan one of the winners of the night, but far from sharing the party and success, Georgina y Rosalía ended in a brawl at the award ceremony of the Grammy Latinos The last friday. The reason? A dressing room, specifically that of the interpreter of Motomamiwhich he did not want to share with the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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And it is that Georgina had to change her dress in full gala but she did not have time to return to her private set and return in time for the next intervention, so she requested Rosalía’s dressing room, much closer to the stage. However, the artist refused to share spaces and the model, after her initial surprise, flew into a rage, according to And now Sonsoles.

It wasn’t Georgina’s only upset during her trip to Las Vegas. And it is that they assure that Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend could not have her private jet to return to Manchester and she suffered an anxiety attack when she was informed that she would have to share a commercial flight. Of course, she did it in first class.