the daughter of the infanta elena y Jaime de Marichalar stars in a new fashion cover this Tuesday, yet another foray into a world where she’s trying to carve out a career despite hundreds of flak she’s received in recent weeks. She, however, continues with her strategy and takes advantage of the projection to send a message to her parents: “My mother and father are my great references (…) I try to be as independent as possible in the decisions I make because that It makes me responsible too.”

And it is that, as we said a few days ago, the parent-child relationship is not going through its best moment, especially with the infanta Elena, very upset with her daughter for having abandoned her university studies to focus fully on the world of fashion. The main support of Victoria Federica His father, Jaime de Marichalar, is in this endeavor, with whom he shares a passion for fashion, but the former Duke of Lugo does not like that the apple of his eye, for whom he dreams of an international projection and high standing, jump from one nightclub after another between snogging with dj’s and shots of tequila.

Vic, who abandons the classic line with horses and Cordovan bullfighters to assume a much sexier and more suggestive role, repeats that he does not want to be an influencer, despite the fact that he moves in that world with a fish in the water: “Now I am in a stage of learning, but from the beginning I have been clear that I want my work to focus on long-term projects that allow me to get to know all the stages of the process”, has revealed in InStyle. “Observing the way my parents dress has been an advantage because I have seen the trend follow normally and it has allowed me to have, for a long time, a fairly defined personal taste.”

Beyond fashion, Froilán’s sister talks about more personal and family issues, assuring that she maintains an excellent relationship with all her Borbón cousins, including Leonor and Sofía. Of course, as boyfriends (the last one attributed to him is the son of soccer player Juanma López) was taken.