Smiling at the celebration of the two goals of Espanyol. But after anxious. Obfuscated. Even frustrated. Doing sporadic fuss to his companions. Giving kick a fence advertising as he saw that time was wasting and saw that he had just missed a scoring chance. AND rabid after the final whistle, cursing his luck in refuge behind a goal, when the rest of the team already celebrated the victory that gave the parakeet the winter championship. This was the last game of Raúl de Tomás, on Sunday against Castellón. The goal between eyebrow and eyebrow.

Nobody would say, contemplating the attitude of the forward, that it is the Second Division top scorer, with 12 goals, now tied with Uros Djurdjevic after the Serbian's two goals on Monday with Sporting. Not much less would you think that from a career of his down the left wing and from his boots the sentencing goal was born against Castellón, which Javi Puado finished off. Nor that one minute before the meeting had received on the pitch the trophy that recognized him as Best Player of December of LaLiga Smartbank.

With a character singular, controversial, that many compare, saving the distances, to Cristiano Ronaldo, De Tomás does not want to forgive a single encounter unmarked. And it takes only 186 minutes without seeing the door. For most, only a couple of matches. For him, surely, it will be as if he had not been “wet” for 186 days.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

After his goal of 53.5 meters against Almería to close 2020, and then one December with four goals in as many games, the Madrid native came from missing a single shot on goal in Las Palmas and wanted to make up for it last Sunday, when he shot twice between the three suits – the first, a failure in those actions that he does not usually forgive –, one out and the other two blocked.

It was, in short, the second LaLiga game in which he scored the most (five), only behind the visit to Cartagena (seven), in which he did manage to score. He is resisted, even slightly, by the 12 + 1 goal. And Raúl de Tomás can't stand it. It is insatiable.

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