In case of Hulk is strange: arisen from the inferiors of the Sao Paul, had to emigrate from the Vitoria a Japan to have a shot at professional soccer. In the land of the rising sun, the player made a name for himself on loan. With the Tokio Verdy frame 45 goals in 56 games and that made European football set its eyes on him: Portugal it was his destiny and he Port it would be his home. 19 million euros were enough to get the burly striker with the superhero name out of Asia.

Legend in Portugal and leader in Russia

With the Portuguese club, Hulk scored 77 goals and gave 61 assists in 169 games. He was one of the figures and several big clubs asked about him, but the money from the Russians, more specifically from Gazprom and Zenit de San Petesburgo, was stronger. In 2012, high-caliber transfers were still not paid and the 40 million paid to Porto were too many to miss the opportunity.

In Russia, the player scored 76 goals and gave 60 assists, numbers very similar to those of Portugal, but in a few fewer games. Four years later his cache was still high but now the money came from another country and Zenit saw the opportunity.

China and the figures

Shanghai Port paid almost 56 million euros for the Brazilian player, making him one of the most expensive players in history at the time. In 145 games, he scored 76 goals, a great number, similar to those of Porto and Zenit.

Back home

Five years later and with the Chinese Super League dying, it was time to go home. El Mineiro repatriated the Hulk and gave him leader stripes. The first year he fought for Brasileirao, of which he is now the leader, and also reached the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores. Hulk wants to be champion at home and Mineiro can give him the opportunity.