The eleventh LaLiga SmartBank matchday had eleven protagonists that we detail below. Guillermo (Burgos) stood out with a double. In the goal, the performance of the Ibiza goalkeeper Germán Parreño stands out.


Germán Parreño (Ibiza)

Photo by Germán Parreño

The Ibiza goalkeeper was in charge of keeping the team alive against Valladolid. His meritorious interventions against the Valladolid attack allowed Ibiza to draw and get a point in Zorrilla.


Álvaro Tejero (Eibar)

Photo of Tejero

The alteral, a Real Madrid youth squad, scored one of the goals of the day. A distant shot that surprised and beat Juan Soriano allows Eibar to place themselves in positions of direct promotion.

Javi Hernández (Leganés)

Photo by Javi Hernández

The Leganés side was one of the scorers in a match in which six goals could be seen, although he did not allow his team to take the victory from Santo Domingo.

Victor Garcia (Alcorcón)

Photo by Victor Garcia

The Alcorcón side was a real nightmare for Leganés. If that was not enough, the Venezuelan took a millimeter pass to the area that allowed his team to score a goal.


Joaquin (Huesca)

Photo by Joaquín Muñoz

The Huesca midfielder took advantage of an error from behind to make a nice shot that ran into the post. The play and the shot would have deserved better luck, but the ball did not want to enter.

Escassi (Malaga)

Photo for Escassi

The Malaga midfielder took his glove out for a walk and masterfully took a free kick that was about to enter. The crossbar prevented José Alberto’s team from going ahead on the scoreboard.

Alex Gallar (Cartagena)

Photo by Álex Gallar

He came out from the bench and was in charge of revolutionizing Cartagena. This time he did not see the door, but caused a penalty, which Rubén Castro transformed, and the expulsion of sportinguista Kravets.

Borja Sánchez (Mirandés)

Photo by Borja Sanchez

The Oviedo caterano was one of the most prominent of his team. The best details of Ziganda’s team were his, although he did not allow him to beat Burgos at the Tartiere.


Elady (Tenerife)

Photo of Elady

The Tenerife striker failed to score, but left a play for which he deserves to pay a ticket. This time the stick prevented the ball from entering, but the cuts and the shot were a delight for football fans.

Weissman (Valladolid)

Photo de Weissman

The Hebrew forward continues to show, day by day, that he is the best offensive reference in Valldolid. One more day he saw the door again and get the team to add.

Guillermo (Burgos)

Guillermo's photo

The Burgos striker was a pylon for the Oviedo defense. With his two goals he managed to neutralize the local goal. Guillermo played a very complete game and led the team to victory at the Tartiere.