When it seems that nothing can surprise us anymore, we come across a new movement in networks that, surely, will give a lot to talk about. Risto Mejide has been caught on a famous dating app for celebrities about a week after the Catalan and Laura Scanes They announced their separation.

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So things, according to the magazine Week, the publicist has a Raya account, an application that can only be accessed by celebrities and people with a comfortable economic position. One of the main guarantees of this ‘Tinder’ of familiar faces is privacy, although the steps of the Cuatro presenter for this application have been revealed.

Of course, to belong to this community you have to be rigorously selected by the application and pay 107.99 euros per year if you opt for a basic account or 299,999 euros if you want the most complete version. “If I’m not extraordinarily handsome, it’s because there’s too much light. People know me. I don’t,” the publicist has written on his profile.

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Risto and Laura announced their separation on networks two weekends ago (with a countdown included in stories). Her story has been lived on networks and she was fired on Instagram: “As someone once said, it was eternal while it lasted. I only hope that we are as good an ex as we have been as a couple. That we each know how to find the life we ​​want. And above all everything, thank you for making me Pope of Rome,” he wrote.

They put an end to their relationship after seven years, three months and twenty-four days. From the first moment they faced criticism for the age difference between the two and made the hashtag #toelrato popular with which they expressed their love. In 2017 they got married before the watchful eyes of more than 400 guests and brought little Rome into the world in October 2019. Their love was broken… from wearing it so much. Who will come into their lives now?