Carles Aleñá, Getafe midfielder, regretted this Monday that the referees decided to expel a footballer for a “photo” that shows the VAR instead of analyzing a play in depth to check the intentions of each of those affected.

The Getafe midfielder regretted the expulsion of Djené Dakonam, who saw a direct red after driving the studs into Santi Mina’s ankle as he cleared a ball.

“I have not seen the play. I can imagine it. Djené is a central who goes hard, but it can’t be. You can’t whistle from a photo. You have to see the intensity, but we already know that against us it’s very easy to go”, said.

Regarding the match against Celta, which ended in defeat for Getafe (0-3), he acknowledged that it is difficult for him to “get words out” to analyze another lost duel for his team, which is last in the standings.

“It is true that the team works and wants, but it is not given to us. We have an obligation for the people who come to see us, for what we have done these years. We are the ones who have to get out of this situation and there is no more. You have to go to Granada for the three points, “he analyzed in Movistar Plus.

“The game was even, we were both fighting, we were in a complicated situation. The corner goal hurt us, the 09-2 also hurt us and the expulsion even more so. Nothing is put in our face. But when that happens, that’s when more you have to work. You have to turn it around. At some point, it will change, “he added.

“It hurts. We can’t find victory, we play good games and it doesn’t happen. It’s the beauty of football, that now there are games in a row. Now we have to recover in Granada. Every week passes and opportunities are lost. But we are in October. We can only work . We are the first that we want, we do not like this situation. We have to move on, “he concluded.