The Valencia of Bordalás adds six days without know her victoria. His last triumph was against Osasuna (1-4). Since then, three defeats (Real Madrid, Seville and Barcelona) and three draws (Cádiz, Athletic and Mallorca, both thanks to three goals in discount). Bordalás, thus, will travel to Seville to face Real Betis flirting with her worst streak of days without winning in First: seven.

Valencia Shield / Flag

Bordalás, in its 212 games for Getafe, he was twice seven days without winning. Both last season. Bordalás, first, was from matchday 7 to 14 without achieving victory (he broke a streak of three defeats and four draws beating Cádiz) and also since 26 to 32, when he beat him in Huesca (0-2), in a key game in his salvation.

Bordalás, who taking his entire career as a reference accumulated 10 games without winning with Alcorcón, He lived his worst streak in terms of points last year, with five defeats and a draw, a streak that curiously stopped by winning 3-0 at Valencia.