Fonsi Nieto has reacted after the great storm unleashed by the mess between his ex, Alba Carrillo, and Jorge Pérez. The former motorcycle pilot has shown him all his support. “They have told me something but I do not say anything. She has told me but now you ask her when she comes,” he explained this Thursday on his birthday, which he celebrated in Madrid surrounded by friends.

The expectation for his opinion after the mess that has been made is maximum. He made it very clear: “I support her, she is the mother of my son and I love her a lot… We have had our ups and downs, in the end the children bring out the best in you and make you reconsider many things, and realizing that both one and the other make mistakes,” he added.

The DJ and the model, who met again as good friends this Thursday, broke up their marriage in 2012. Little Lucas, 11, is their priority. Proof of this, the great complicity and union they demonstrated in the summer of 2020, when the child took his first communion in the Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario in Nava del Barco, her town in Avila.

The storm between Jorge and Alba broke out a week ago, when they got involved at a party organized by Ana Rosa Quintana’s producer in Madrid. They continued the night at Marta López’s house, where according to Alba they had sex. Later, they would have set out for the house of Feliciano López’s ex, according to Alba herself.