Your children are above all else. This is how they have shown Shakira y Pique throughout these months of meetings to reach an agreement for their custody and well-being. Once that document was signed, and ratified before the judge this Thursday, they have returned to coincide in the Christmas function of their youngest son, Sasha.

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The Colombian artist arrived at the school first, accompanied by her inseparable brother Tonino, and went directly to the center in his car. A short time later, the exdefensa culé did it together with his mother, Montserrat Bernabéuand like his ex, he went directly through the parking lot to avoid the cameras.

After enjoying the act, which will be the last of the little one in Barcelona before his departure to Miami with his mother, both left the place separately. According to the journalist Lorena Vázquez, the Barranquillera and her offspring will say goodbye to Barcelona after Reyes.

Shakira and Piqué ratify their agreement

This Thursday was a key day for the Catalan and the Colombian. Six months after announcing their breakup, at around 9:30 a.m. they went to the Family Courts of L’Hospilatet de Llobregat to ratify before the judge the separation agreement that they reached on November 7, after a tense negotiation.

Within what was agreed by both, it has emerged that the artist and her children Milan and Sasha will leave Barcelona to settle in Miami and that the boyfriend of Clara Chia You will have the right to visit them 10 days a month. In addition, and to compensate for the thousands of kilometers of distance that will be between them from now on, Piqué will enjoy 66% of the children’s vacation period.

The notice

“We have signed an agreement that guarantees the well-being of our children and that will be ratified in court, as part of a merely formal procedure. Our sole objective is to provide them with the greatest security and protection, and we trust that their privacy will be respected. We appreciate the interest shown and we hope that the children can continue with their lives with the necessary privacy, in a safe and calm environment”, were the words chosen by both to communicate their decision.