The last Bundesliga match ended with a crushing defeat of the visiting team. It returned home with the score of 2:8. The competition between Bayern Munich and Barcelona was eagerly awaited by every football fan, including active bettors who use the opportunity to place any kind of sports betting proven provides them with such a chance. The match led to the defeat of Barca, and its main representative, as it turned out, predicted this outcome.

A month earlier, Barcelona’s leading player Messi noted that his club is a weak team that any opponent with stronger motivation could beat. The fans didn’t pay attention to this phrase, but Lionel was absolutely right.

Most recently, namely on August 14th, Barcelona played with Bayern Munich. The match started quite actively. The first goal was scored in the 4th minute by a player of the German club. It was followed by another goal, but this time from Alaba from Barca.

For the next 20 minutes, nothing interesting happened, but at one point the Germans began to actively attack their rivals. As a result, the score of the game after the first half was 1:4 in favour of Bayern. Many bettors predicted such outcome of the first part of the match, so they took the opportunity to make any kind of sports betting on the reliable and proven 1xBet site.

Barcelona’s players tried to change the situation in the second half but didn’t succeed, even taking into account the start of the second half. The first goal was scored by Suarez in the 57th minute, but this did not affect the situation in any way. The defense didn’t show all it got, while Barca’s goalkeeper missed 4 balls, which led to a defeat.

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