The Rey He traveled to London this Monday to preside over the celebration of the 135th anniversary of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom and has taken advantage of the trip to visit Charles III, who has received it at Clarence House, his official residence. The meeting has been private but they have shared their first greeting with the press and have shown that the relationship between them is unbeatable.

This is the first private meeting between the two monarchs since the son of the late Elizabeth II ascended the throne. Don Felipe already traveled to the capital last September to attend the funeral of the Queen of England, but then he did it with Queen Letizia, the emeritus and the rest of the European representatives.

Relations between the two monarchies have always been very close. Both Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía share blood ties with Isabel II (her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria Eugenia), whom the former referred to as ‘cousin Lilibet’. The affection between the new generations was evident in the message of condolences that King Felipe sent to his British counterpart after the death of his mother: “Dear Carlos, deeply saddened by the sad news of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, your Dear mother, I would like to offer your Majesty and the British people, on behalf of myself and the Government and people of Spain, our deepest condolences,” the message read. “Queen Letizia and I send her Majesty and the entire Family our love and prayers. You are all in our hearts and thoughts. We will miss you very much. With all my friendship and love, Felipe.”

Also in the one that he sent days later, wishing him a “long and prosperous reign”.

The king’s appointment in the United Kingdom

As we said, Don Felipe has traveled to London this Monday to participate in the 135th anniversary of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. The event took place in a well-known hotel and the Spanish ambassador to the United Kingdom, José Pascual Marco, and the former minister and current chief economic and commercial adviser of the Spanish Embassy in London, Álvaro Nadal, who occupy the honorary presidency and vice-presidency of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom, respectively.