The captain of the Spanish team was a starter after not being against Greece


Sergio Busquets, against Sweden

Julio Muñoz / EFE

Sergio Busquets, captain of the Spanish national team, said this Sunday that “everything went great” in the 1-0 victory over Sweden that qualified the Red for the World Cup next year after “a disputed match”, because “nobody said it would be easy and in the end it went well “.

Busquets pointed out that he is “happy for the people” whom he thanked for having “carried” the national team in “a life-and-death match” in which the Spanish players have not “missed the opportunity” to “celebrate” the classification “at home, in front of family and friends”.

“We are a great group that does well, although sometimes the results did not come. We believed in ourselves, but we have to continue because we want much more. The strength of this group will not change,” concluded the Catalan midfielder, statements to Spanish Television. .

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