Nadal’s huge anger

“I do not want to play more. You’re telling me crazy, you’re telling me crazy! Carlos, my ball went in! ”. These are the words with which Rafa Nadal shouted to the Brazilian chair umpire, Carlos Bernardes, during his group stage match against Tomas Berdych at the 2010 ATP Finals. At full point, the Spaniard instinctively raised the ball. hand before a Czech ball that, apparently, was bad. That gesture was interpreted by Bernardes as an interruption of the point by Nadal, and since the hawk-eye showed that Berdych’s ball ended up bouncing on the baseline, the chair umpire gave Nadal the point for lost, as indicated the rules. Nadal’s gesture (who asked to repeat the point) was not to stop the game, as he explained at a press conference, but the confusion was already made and it left one of the most tense moments in the history of the tournament.