Emery: “We want to continue being protagonists in the game”

Eiba ratingA: Eibar is a team very committed to a philosophy that has given them a lot of success, which also joined forces with a very successful coach like Mendilibar who has made them grow more. I think what they are doing has a lot of merit, that club and that city from their humility and what they are achieving.

Villarreal Shield / Flag

Opponent's level of play: At the level of play, it is a team that has already been in first class for years and they already know how to set their pace and their moment of play. If they are able to put that rhythm into the game and their characteristics as a team, they are always closer to winning the games. They dominate the pressure when the opponent has the ball, through very high and very effective pressure, and in stealing and transition. And with the ball they are able to progress with few combinations, so in the game of dividing plays and pressing again, they do it very well. They make you close to your goal and, from there, they are capable of generating many problems for you; They do that very well.

Improvement of the team compared to last week and Eibar a different rival: It is true that after the first game we knew that we had to improve both individually and collectively, we know that we are behind what I want, but we are improving. But now comes Eibar, which is another team, other characteristics and another proposal; a different team that is going to demand other things from you. But we want to continue controlling the game and be protagonists, that they are closer to their goal than ours, and, to collect many passes to be able to unbalance and hurt them.

Eibar Shield / Flag

Have control of the game: We want to offer more than last week and show it on the field. But he is a different rival, so We must adapt and that they do not impose their game, have the capacity to be the ones who take the domain. A lot of set pieces, a lot of dispute, and that is going to be the requirement. We must have patience so that they play less to what they want, be focused on set pieces and second plays, and take advantage when we can make our idea.

The team continues to grow: It is true that the feelings of the Huesca game were similar to the preseason, we improved things, but it does not give the feeling that we had the necessary rennet. We have one more week of work, we have been able to work more and we will be better. I think we're better, and I think we can impose our idea of ​​the game, so I hope to be able to reach the three points by deactivating their game, finding ours, and having more success at the top.

Rubén Peña, Coquelin and Estupiñán options: We have the dismissal of Rubén Peña, Funes already works with everyone and Estupiñán is already with the group, from there Funes and Estupiñán enter the list. The adaptation of Pervis is good, there are no language barriers, knowing the League, we know its potential, it has options to play from the beginning, but we decide tomorrow. Coquelin trains normaHe, with some caution, but the doctor says he's fine and he wants to play.

Play again at home: We started without winning, and with a strange experience, playing without an audience is an important factor, but we must feel their support, as if they were. We must adapt to this situation, we play at home and we are obliged to add the three local points. We must be more intense, with more arrivals than the rival and adapt to this. Everything is heard, you have to be careful with the messages, since the rival also listens to you and is aware of what you want to do, so we must be careful.

Take kubo: Take needs adaptation, we need more of him. Take needs to contribute as he did in those fifteen minutes, he must step on more area, be more present in the rival area, looking for the foot outside and inside the area, must be vertical and decisive in the last actions. I am happy with him and we will accelerate that adaptation.

I do not like to talk about holders and substitutes, I see Take to play, but I also see him with some things to improve. We are working on a match-by-match process, I already believe that if he plays he is prepared and will surely improve each game. Take is going to play many games, so we know that when he grows up, it will be very important..

Bajas Peña and Bacca: Rubén we hope it won't be much, at least this week and one more, we don't think it won't go any further. Bacca works very well, I see him very involved, I know him well and I'm looking forward to seeing him train like this week which is already doing it like the rest. And the medical discharge the doctor talks about giving it to him on Monday.

Stopped ball: We went from less to more on set pieces, the other day we went from more to less, we had done well until the last play of the game. We lacked concentration and we detected the shortcomings of not being focused in the last minutes, so we know we need to close this. We know that with Eibar we must be constant in any play in which they can put the ball in our area, and the second plays, since they do it very well.

Market: With the market open I never close it. Someone can always come or someone can come out, I'm happy with what I have. There are situations of exits and the club also works on reinforcement options, but we are not with a need, if something arrives that is to improve.

Mendilibar: Mendilibar is a coach that I have faced a lot, I have followed his career in his teams, and now I find an Eibar like Valladolid that rose with us, those are always their teams. High pressure, squeeze on the second play, and also, he has players like Pedro León who is a set-piece specialist, Inui who is a quality player or Exposito. They have a well-armed team, but they also have players who are unbalanced.