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El Shaarawy, from China: “Here the situation is improving”

Gabby Barker



Stephan El Shaarawy He is one of the emigrants from European football who has spent the last few years in China, and there is living the coronavirus crisis. The 27-year-old Italian attacker, belonging to the Shanghai ShenhuaHowever, it sends a hopeful message from that country. “The situation here is improving and it is an important victory for the entire country. There was a strong sense of responsibility in general, a lot of collaboration and respect. It is a great teaching and a message of hope for the rest of the world, ”he said recently.

“People have returned to the streets. There is traffic again and that is a good sign. At the worst moment, confinement was very important, “he stressed. The Shaarawy.

Looking sideways at Serie A

On the other hand, and in strictly sports matters, The Shaarawy did not hide that does not forget
, neither to the city itself nor to the 'giallorosso' group from which he arrived at his current club last summer. “Rome It is like my house, but now I cannot speak of a return ”, he explained, pointing out that in the past winter market he had options to return to Europe but finally they did not materialize.

Shaarawy, when he was officially announced as a Shanghai Shenhua player
Shaarawy, when he was officially announced as a Shanghai Shenhua player

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