The “movie” of the Dinamo Bucharest season off the pitch seems to have no end. A Romanian team that looked good at the beginning of the course, after the arrival of a new property of Spanish nationality. This was commanded by the Granada Pablo Cortacero. Along with him were a total of 14 signings that arrived, with a powerful investment of 10 million euros. Among them, a nucleus of Spanish players (Borja Valle, Isma López, Tomás Mejías, Juan Cámara, René, Aleix García …). However, months later, the illusion has turned to terror.

The defaults in the entity of the 'red dogs' produced a strong rout. So much so that there is no trace of any Spanish player. He does not even follow the same coach, the well-known Cosmin Contra. Dinamo Bucharest is also currently 13th in the Romanian league. However, one last fact has once again shaken the foundations of the club.

On this occasion, according to the journalist Emanuel Rosu, Magaye Gueye, French striker of Senegalese origin, tested positive for cocaine. The paradox of it all? What It was Dinamo Bucharest himself who requested an anti-doping control, but for the FCSB players after seeing them in a “suspicious” state. This happened after the Cup match they played on February 10 (his player played the first 45 minutes). To make matters worse, this is the second chapter of Gueye. The former Everton footballer was already the protagonist of a controversial racy video at the beginning of 2021. He appeared in a jacuzzi, drinking, along with two women. Something for which he has already publicly apologized.