Deyverson: “I love Rodrygo, he's going to go a long way”

Deyverson Silva (Santa Margarida, Brazil, 29 years old), now blond, is joy made person. He is completing his second stage in Vitoria, and was very well received for his fierceness on the field, where nothing is left. He is more than a forward: a player who supports a lot by hooking from behind and is great at the top. The Brazilian striker covers his second stage at Alavés. Represents the eternal smile.

How about everything for Vitoria? A destination already known.

Very happy. You never get used to the cold, and it does quite a bit. But at ease with the love of the club.

Abelardo has arrived. Will it be the solution to all ills?

I did not know him. Only when we face Levante against Sporting. On the street and in the dressing room, those who know him speak highly of him, they say he is close, I am checking it.

When he appeared in this second stage, he said that he is much more mature.

Clear! I have two daughters and they keep everything I do, I must set an example. My head is more centered.

He never hides that his humble origins in Santa Margarita have marked his life.

Of course. You never forget those moments. In another place the living conditions would have been better. I used to sell water or cakes on the beach to get money. In my heart those moments remain indelible.

His father brought home less food than he wanted to invest in his training.

It all started at his soccer school. It is after God who has given me the most in this life. I was excited to see him fight for my brother as well. He had to borrow money to get us through. That must be valued. Many see us as distant people who have everything, but sometimes we have origins that accompany us throughout our lives.

He is the man with the permanent smile.

We cannot be sad about problems. That's why I get along very well with Guidetti. It's like me, we are always together. You have to bring out the positive. You struggle to be a great player, but those who don't smile have a problem. Life passes quickly, you have to enjoy or it will not be worth this journey.

Is it a devil in the field and an angel outside?

It's not that I'm a demon, it's that I defend my colors to the death. I will always give everything for them. Sometimes I do things that I should not and I worry because I can be a bad example for children …

But he has the nobility to apologize after shows like those spitting on Godín.

You already know him, he's not an easy person, huh? We both apologize, it happened and that's it. Each one has gone on with his life and I repeat that my head is more centered.

Does it distress you so much to see the suffering of people?

Yes. Look, many times talking to my brother, I tell him: how can people live in the street with this cold, that they don't even have a sweatshirt to warm up a bit. Don't they have the right to be in better condition and have a little food? I do what I can. If he had all the money in the world, he would end the misfortune of the poor. It is impossible not to be sensitive about these things. It breaks your heart.

When your team celebrated their passage to the 2017 Cup final, you went to shelter the Celta fans, who were crying heartbrokenly.

And why not? Maybe they needed it more than I did to unleash my euphoria. Many people see us as elite footballers, and do not realize that we have our families, our children and everyday problems like theirs.

He once said that it felt like merchandise, that they sold them like a soda …

Soccer is commercial, a business. That is why all this I tell you. You have to see beyond the famous player. We take photos with all the fans who ask us, but when we take off our shirts, we are just like them.

Madrid arrives, picked by the Cup and more Brazilian than ever: Rodrygo, Militao, Marcelo and Vinicius …

They are all stars. I am loving Rodrygo, with how young he is and what he is showing at such a great club. I love it, it will go a long way. Militao is a friend of mine and he is going to do very well.

And will Neymar return to LaLiga one day?

He can play wherever he wants with how good he is, the number one in Brazil. I am very fond of him. Hopefully we will have him back in LaLiga soon.