Ylenia Padilla faces up to 4 years in prison for transphobic insults to comedian Elsa Ruiz

New setback for Ylenia Padilla. The former contestant of Gandia Shore He faces a prison sentence of up to 4 years for the transphobic insults he made to the comedian in 2020 through his social networks. Elsa Ruizas reported this Friday by the newspaper Public.

The one who was a contestant VIP Big Brother has refused to testify. However, the Prosecutor’s Office has put him on the bench for an alleged crime against the dignity of the person due to their sexual identity. The Cybercrime Prosecutor’s Office has requested one year and nine months in prison for Ylenia, according to the aforementioned media.

For her part, comedian Elsa Ruiz has requested up to six years in prison for the celebrity. Also, Ruiz has claimed compensation of 60,000 euros and an accommodation order of one thousand meters.

In 2020, Ylenia insulted Elsa Ruiz with transphobic insults through X, formerly Twitter. “Is that a woman?“She stated on the first occasion. Subsequently, Fede Rebecchi’s ex continued to offend the comedian. “What do you think you’re a woman? For me you are a man. Maromo!“, “Nature took advantage of you and you were born with a fucking dick” o ” Andlso, yes. I mean Elso“, said Ylenia.