The face to face of Arantxa del Sol and Ana Herminia after learning about her relationship with Finito de Córdoba

‘Survivors’ gala marked by the long-awaited reunion of Arantxa del Sol with Ana Herminia after we revealed the relationship between Ángel Cristo Jr.’s girlfriend and Finito de Córdoba, information that the Venezuelan herself fed, revealing that she felt a “special affection” for the bullfighter, whom she admitted she has known for many years.

The night began with Jorge Javier asking the model how she took it that her husband was not on the set of the program on Tuesday to receive her upon her arrival from Honduras. “Logically I expected to find him. I was very surprised. When the program ended I called him and then we talked,” he explained, revealing that the right-hander gave him his explanations, they were most “convincing”, they have not separated since then and they are so good as always. “He has had a terrible time and has lost as much weight as I have,” she said about how Juan has handled the 56 days they have been separated.

“The only bad feeling I’ve ever had”

With Finito as the protagonist despite not being present in the program, Ana Herminia wanted to settle speculation about a possible relationship and with a somewhat uncomfortable Arantxa she pointed out that “there is no problem” with the bullfighter: “This is a show and “I have respect for Juan and his children and affection since I was 17 years old.” Something that the survivor has confirmed, recognizing that “Juan is also fond of Ana Herminia because they have known each other for a long time.”

It was then that Ángel Cristo’s girlfriend made it clear that the only thing that unites her with Finito is “a friendship” as she has “explained by active and pastive.” A moment in which Arantxa has intervened, ensuring that “nothing would have happened either” because “25 years ago”, suggesting that if they had had something from her on her day, she would not mind. And to clear up any doubts, the model has made it clear that she does not have a “bad vibe” with Ana Herminia; “The only bad feeling I’ve had was with her partner,” she concluded.