An Athletic of faith and conviction

Atlético is at that point where almost everything goes well for them. In Eibar he did not play his most brilliant game, but the result ended up being that of the majority: victory. However, this time it was different. For the first time in the league so far he managed to overcome an adverse result. The 1-0 was a blow, but he recovered with two pecks from Luis Suárez. The last one, almost on the horn. As it happened in Vitoria. This Atleti believe in what you do … and is not for less.

It was another show of faith. Not one of those nights when the team besieges its rival, but a locked game, one of those in which the Cholo team does not handle themselves badly and they end up getting oil. They know that they are going to have one or two chances at least and, seen with the top scorer Suárez, it is often more than enough. In Ipurua, Dmitrovic stopped João's penultimate, but could not with the final penalty.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Because with Atlético, another important fact, the matches don't end until the referee whistles, beyond the set phrases. In Eibar he took the win in 89 '; against Alavés he did it in 90 '. So far in the league, the rojiblancos have scored a third of their goals (11 of 33) in the final quarter hour. Eleven others have been achieved in the first parts and many others, between minute 46 and 75. That is, Atleti is going to more.

In that determination is one of the differences with respect to last season. In the 19-20 title options fizzled out too early due to many draws, especially away from home. Looking back, Atleti had not come back from a league match away from home since April 2016 (Espanyol). Now the team tightens and trusts. Many times it gets through the changesAlthough lately the casualties are reducing Simeone's room for maneuver. This Thursday he only made a double substitution at halftime (plus another inning already in addition).

El Cholo also believes in what he sees. It celebrates that internal competition does not loosen within the team and trusts that Dembélé it will help to tighten a bit more. Atlético's trajectory shows that the matches are long and that can be won by both the headlines and those who enter as a refreshment. Suárez is the leader of the attack and is sweet, but behind there is more. And above all, in addition to quality and trade, in the dressing room there is a total conviction …