Carlos Javier Delgado Rodriguez (Royal Port, 1990) He wants Valencia. In October 2012, at the age of 22, He debuted at Mestalla in the Champions League, against Lille. That day he embroidered it, but two serious injuries stopped him in his tracks. He never wore the first team shirt again. Now he remembers it with sadness, but in his day he lived through a drama. He acknowledges that negligence could truncate his dream in black and white. Now, he is the central defender of Atlético Baleares and He warns Bordalás after leaving Getafe and Celta in the ditch. The shirt will be exchanged with Gayà, although he jokes and affirms that it will be the captain Ché who wants his elastic and not the other way around.

Shield/Flag Valencia

He only played one game with the Valencia first team and it was in ¡Champions!

That’s how it is. It was all very fast. Firm in preseason for the reserve team and as soon as I arrived I started training with the Valencia first team, which only had Víctor Ruiz, Ricardo Costa and Rami as central defenders. Pellegrino told me it would be the center room. I was not surprised by the debut because I was waiting for my moment, since I was entering almost all the calls. There were injuries to the axis of the defense and it was my turn.

And they beat Lille 2-0 at Mestalla…

It was the dream script. It was a good game, with a brace from Jonás. I remember how we were concentrated at siesta time in the hotel and Pellegrino knocked on my room and told me that he was going to start. I couldn’t sleep anymore. The first thing I did was call my mother. Then I was nervous when the Champions League music came on, but in the first few minutes we started to feel more comfortable. Everything went well and we qualified for the next round of the Champions League, behind Bayern.

Picture of Delgado

And there his adventure in Valencia ends, suddenly…

I don’t play again because five or six days after that game I get injured and I don’t come back until the following year. It was very strange what happened to me. Doctor Candel diagnosed me with pubalgia and I continue training. I couldn’t stand the pain and decided to have another test. I had a torn adductor and I was destroying it in every training session. Either I had surgery or I decided to recover with conservative treatment. The operation did not guarantee anything either and I did not want to go through the operating room. I didn’t play again until the following season with the bad luck that in December, after doing the preseason with the first team, I broke my fibula and I didn’t play anymore.

Carlos Delgado, the day of his Champions League debut with Valencia, against Lille.

Then, his time at Valencia ends in a dramatic way. Didn’t you feel anger after that misdiagnosis?

Of course, but nobody is wrong wanting. I felt a lot of anger and thought about the injuries a lot, especially the first one.

Before all that he would see himself in a cloud. Did you think you were going to consolidate in First?

Clear. It was quite close and I thought my career was going to change. I had a very good game and it wasn’t just a debut because I was in the dynamics of the first team. In addition, I had the maximum confidence of Pellegrino and that cut my progression. I will always be grateful to the coach for the calm and confidence he gave me. But the years go by and you forget it and now I think you never know what could have happened if I hadn’t been injured.

Still, he was happy at Valencia…

I lived my best years. It is where I have been happiest and I was able to fulfill one of my dreams. I remember my time at Valencia with great joy.

Who marked him in that Valencia?

There were very good players. There were Banega, Canales, Soldier, Tino Costa, Albelda… But I would stick with Banega for his quality and his way of being.

Shield/Flag At.  Balearics

Tell me about Sunday’s game…

Valencia is the favorite because it is in the First Division. It will be very difficult, but if we play a serious game we will have our options. We are a committed and supportive team.

That two Firsts have already been ‘charged’…

Maybe that puts them a little more on alert. Before Getafe, everything was put in our face and we were much superior (5-0). Against Celta, it was more even (2-1), but we also deserved the victory.

Do you like this Valencia?

Bordalás has found a Valencia in full reconstruction, with many casualties, rumors of departures… He needs to settle the project a bit and continue to grow to be among the top four in Spain again. I see Valencia as an orderly and serious team. I like Bordalás and I think the improvement with him is visible.

His Valencia was socially calmer than the current one…

I was caught by the Llorente and Amadeo stage. There wasn’t as much fuss as now, it seems that every day there is a tsunami or a story. It makes me sad because it’s an ideal club for fans, players, history, identity… I can say that I’ve felt very loved and it’s the club that has marked me.

Who worries you in attack?

I think that Guedes is the most differential in attack and the one that makes the difference.

Whose shirt is ordered?

I have always had a very good relationship with Gayà, but I am sure that he will ask me for it (laughs).