The detail that can save Djokovic in Australia

Waiting for Immigration Minister Alex Hawke to rule on whether or not to deport Novak Djokovic, in recent hours Australian media such as the Herald Sun have echoed a detail that plays in Novak Djokovic’s favor to stay in Australia .

And it is that the Serbian tennis player has had a diplomatic passport from the Republic of Serbia since 2011, which would allow him to receive adequate treatment outside the Serbian borders. In fact the Serbian embassy in Australia has confirmed that Djokovic has this diplomatic passport in addition to his normal passport as a Serbian citizen.

This diplomatic passport to Djokovic dates back to 2011, when the Serbian government decided to grant it to him after ‘Nole’ was part of the team that won the first Davis Cup for Serbia. A diplomatic passport that could allow Djokovic to play at the Australian Open.