Vicente del Bosque has analyzed, in program number 15 of La Futbolería, how the performance of the 23 Spanish internationals who conquered the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 was.

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Boxes: Iker was very confident throughout the World Cup.

Queen: He was Casillas' advisor on a decisive play in the World Cup, Cardozo's penalty.

Valdés: We were told that it could be harmful and it was the opposite because it had exceptional behavior. In addition, he had magnificent moments, such as a match in Paris.

Pique: Represents leadership. A calm and intelligent player who knows how to be.

Puyol: Example of everything, of discipline, collaboration, courage …

Marchena: Another captain … from the bench but another captain.

Ramos: He was chosen the best right-back in the World Cup in South Africa, and in the long run he has been and is one of the best center-backs in football history.

Albiol: He likes and is interested in everything related to football.

Arbeloa: Always impeccable behavior and that helped in the trouble between Madrid and Barça in which external agents got us.

Capdevilla: Impeccable. Not a failure, not a mistake. And on top of that, in the match against Portugal, he threw himself fast and hard for a ball that he intercepted and that would have been the goal of Portugal's draw. He did everything right.

Xavi: The axis of our game. The midfielder who set the style.

Busquets: I feel very identified with him for his way of playing. He thinks more of the team than of himself.

Xabi Alonso: What I have said about Busquets about their solidarity and their effort to benefit the team is valid for Xabi.

Cesc: Of the greats that we have had. He has played over a hundred games for Spain, of which I am proud. He brought in a technique tip that was brilliant.

Javi martinez: A wonder. A player from area to area. With character and kindness.

Bush: Another prodigy of technique. If it cost him a little more it was because of the competition he had.

Pedro: He played in the semifinal, and it was at a time when the extremes were not well regarded in the style of the National Team. But I believed that they were necessary, that I had started in which you had to go on the wings. It gave us depth.

Navas: As with Valdés they told us that they were going to give difficulties due to concentration … nothing! On the contrary: exemplary behavior. He has been happy with the Selection and we are happy to have him.

Silva: It had a lot of competition, but of extraordinary quality. He had everything, strength, courage, self-esteem and of course an exquisite technique. A player of enormous quality.

Towers: He always gave us what we needed. The kind that always responds when you need it.

Llorente: The day of Portugal was decisive, a difficult match. An essential boy for us.

Town: Fantastic. Security inside the area with the exceptional ball, which is very difficult. But not only in the area, in all areas of the field. He always knew how to finish what was armed in the midfield.

Iniesta: Inside, outside … We knew what he liked best, but when we asked him to play outside he did it with extraordinary discipline and quality. He was always humble and always performed at an exceptional level.

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