The Balkans defend Djokovic: “They compete to see who gives him the most shit”

The Balkan sport closes ranks around the controversial figure of Novak Djokovic after the wave of positives for COVID-19 caused by his reckless Adria Tour. Relevant athletes, and not only from Serbia, defend the world number one in the media of their country. Like Damir Dzumhur, who only participated for a few minutes in the Belgrade stage because he was injured and was going to face Nole in Sarajevo: “I wish him a speedy recovery. I can only confirm his words that he did everything with a pure heart and with the desire to help. I know how much Nole is fighting for all the tennis players and I am very sorry that such a beautiful story ended like this, “said the 28-year-old and 107th Bosnian in the world.”I am aware that this will affect the match between Novak and me in Sarajevo, which will not be on July 5, when it was planned. But that does not mean that Novak will not visit my city in the future. I know you have a great desire to come to Sarajevo and believe me it will happen sooner or later, “said Dzumhur, who tested negative.

A Croatian basketball legend, Dino Radja, also supported Djokovic very strongly. “The amount of shit against Novak these days is incredible. They compete to see who throws him the most. The man did everything possible to help us Croats, to promote us and try to save at least part of the season. He was good and now he eats all this shit “, said the former NBA player in a statement collected by Sport Klub. “Was there a mistake? Of course. From Grigor Dimitrov and the organization, and then the participants. But, look at the cafeterias, the nightclubs on weekends, the parties, the public transport … nobody wears a mask, but no So much fun throwing shit at random people, “continued the former player before sending a clear message:” The smart ones will understand what happened as a warning that the virus is among us and that it should be taken seriously because we have all relaxed too much together. ” Another iconic basketball player, but from Serbia, Nemanja Raduljica, aligned himself with the idol of his country in full controversy: “Great support for the great champion. It is clear that you did everything with the best intentions, as always. There will be those who judge, you stay true to yourself. You have our support. I wish you a speedy recovery, “Raduljica told Novak on Instagram.

Political returns

Goran Ivanisevic, a Serbian tennis legend and one of Djokovic's coaches, asked for understanding: “I spoke to Novak and it is not easy for him. Given all the circumstances, he is holding up well. He will bear everything, he is strong”. “He was not examined in Croatia because epidemiologists in Zadar told us that each player can be evaluated in his country. So he decided to take the test in Belgrade,” explained Ivanisevic, who acknowledged the mistakes made: “We feel responsible. I feel sorry for all those infected and I wish them a speedy recovery, but the only thing that bothers me now is that we are the main culprits and people are making political profits at our expense. I follow the numbers and in the last two days there are infected people throughout Croatia, but everything has fallen on our backs. Someone must be the main culprit, and for now it is us and that is not right, “said Ivanisevic.

Matic: “They will apologize to you soon”

From football, support also came to Djokovic, such as that of Serbian midfielder from Manchester United Nemanja Matic, who published a statement on social media: “I see that the last few days they have been chasing Novak Djokovic because he organized the tournament in Belgrade, although according to the laws of the state of Serbia, everything was legal and organized at a high level. In addition to all that, the mice came out of the hole and gave themselves the right to criticize the world number one, in tennis, but also in relation to all people. But I do not care. Very soon the cat (read Nole) will be on the field and the mice in the hole. The tournament was great and I hope it becomes traditional, because our tennis deserves it. The only thing I blame Novak for is apologizing to the mice that criticize him for no reason. No, Nole. They will apologize to you soon. “