David Beckham He remains one of the most popular faces in football despite being retired since 2013. For this reason, the former athlete signed a millionaire agreement of 150 million pounds to become an ambassador for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

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The contract also includes promoting tourism and the country’s culture for the next ten years. A decision by which the husband of Victoria Beckham It is facing a lot of criticism, since the country constantly violates the human rights of various groups, especially the LGTBIQ +.

The doctor. Nas Mohamedwho became the first Qatari to publicly reveal his homosexuality and had to “defect” to the United States due to “death threats”, has harshly criticized Beckham for his promotional work.

“You show up… you get money and you look the other way. Also, you send the message that there really is no chance for us to escape our current persecution and live freely,” he tells Daily Mail.

He blames him for representing an “unrealistic” reality of life for LGBTI people in Qatar: “Qatar’s LGBT community fears for their lives. Qatari LGBT people are at greater risk of social rejection, honor killings, drug therapy, conversion…”.

Peter Tatchella well-known UK activist, also spoke to the father of Brooklyn Beckham in the aforementioned medium, assuring that “it is really disappointing and I hope that he will think about it a second time because he has made a big mistake”. At the moment, the protagonist does not pronounce.