Dani Alves He has grabbed all the headlines since he was imprisoned on January 20 accused of a crime of sexual assault. The Brazilian has gone from shining at the Mexican Pumas to becoming another inmate at the Brians 2 prison in Barcelona.

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According to Mayka Navarro in The vanguardThe first few days were very difficult for him, but his teammates are making it easier for him to adapt. So much so, that they have encouraged him to play a soccer game with them.

The journalist’s source assures that “the expectation was great”, since many of the inmates idolize the footballer and wanted to see his football skills first-hand due to his enormous legacy. It should be remembered that Alves is the player with the most titles won in the history of football, 44.

In the last few hours, more details have also been revealed about his day-to-day life in the Catalan prison, where he shares a cell with another prisoner. “We have been able to find out what he is spending on basic products. Of that allowance they give him of 100 euros a week, he has spent 17 euros. Four yoghurts, four cans of tuna, deodorant, a shampoo and cans of energy drinks,” he said. explained the journalist Pepa Romero this Friday in it’s already noon.

This Monday, January 30, Alves’ lawyer, Christopher Martell, will present an appeal to get him out of prison provisionally: “Martell believes that he will be able to convince the three magistrates of the Court that Alves is going to stay in Spain and that he is going to give an address to meet any requirement of Justice as precautionary measures”. They consider that “there is no risk of flight in someone who voluntarily appeared from Mexico” and, furthermore, Alves “would accept the withdrawal of his passport.”