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To Fernando Alonso, like the rest of the Dakar caravan, the death of Paulo Gonalves during the stage left him frozen. “It's the same people who are here with you competing in the race for passion, for wanting to do well, and not only share the stage, also moments in the camp and in the meetings. It is hard to believe that these things happen, they leave you with few you want, “he said as soon as he got out of the car.

Alonso acknowledged that when a tragedy like that of Gonalves occurs “it is very difficult to turn the page because it is a sport, but life is above anything, and not because it is the Dakar or a hard race, you have to turn the page”. “At each stage and in each test you run risks. It is a risky modality to the unknown, not only because of the terrain that you are encountering, but also because of the places you pass, which are usually inhospitable and perhaps has the comforts of a circuit or in another more controlled mode, “he explained.

“Whatever happens at the stage there is no commissioner ten meters from you. You are aware of the danger and always try to have it under control, but in the motor world you will never be able to have it 100%,” he added.

Laia Sanz: “The worst stage of my life”

The Spanish pilot Laia Sanz (KTM) was dismayed by the tragic news and recognized that it was “the worst stage” of his life. Laia said Portuguese was “an example and an authentic Dakarian.”

“What makes it harder! The worst stage of my life. I still can't believe it. One of the best of the bivouac – camp-. An example and an authentic Dakarian. Everyone loved you, Paulo! A hug to the family and friends, “he said in statements provided by one of his sponsors, Soficat Xerox.

Sanz and Gonalves, who currently run with the Hero MotoSports, shared a team in 2015, when they both played for Team Honda HRC.

Sainz: “The stage was too fast”

Carlos Sainz (Mini) assured that the stage was too fast. Sainz considered that “it is a sad day for the Dakar” and said that he had “a bad taste in his mouth” to know the death of Gonalves, even though he won his third stage in this Dakar.

“We have already seen that something serious had happened because there was a lot of activity in one place, with two helicopters. I send a big hug to Paulo's whole family,” added the Madrid pilot.

Sainz commented that “the stage was very fast, with some dune cord that went down the average” speed, and that if it had not, it would have been higher. “The average speed has been too fast for my taste,” he reiterated.

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